max|min 451


francois truffaut's farenheit 451 is one of my all time favorites. and being french AND sci-fi AND stylish, it's a combination of all the things that make the french new wave films so iconicly beautiful and timeless. based on the ray bradbury novel, it is also a polemical stance against the deintellectualization of society and a sort of meta-narrative on books and how our attitudes towards them shapes our societies. and of course, it's a really swell looking film. ultra 1960's minimalist modernism.

when i saw narciso rodriguez's fall 2010 rtw collection i immediately thought of the 451 sensibility. from the hats to the leather and the maximal<->minimal curved bell like shapes of the dresses. it feels very euro mod.


film stills from farenheit 451, narciso rodriguez images from