2009 turned out to be a bit of a zombie renaissance. not that the zombie genre has ever gone out of style. even as it is often considered a bit of a low rent sub-genre of horror- historically, it has also mirrored various socio-political anxieties of the moment. george romero's living dead trilogy did this most famously of course, concerning itself with large issues such as the tide of conservatism, the cold war, and rampant consumerism. all whilst presenting some good seat squirming horror. in fact zach snyder's remake of romero's "dawn of the dead" transplanted many of these anxieties onto the post 911 homeland security weary landscape. last year's zombieland however, while a clever film, seems mainly concerned with simultaneously making fun of the zombie film and reveling in it. the violence is extreme and yet the film is incredibly funny. this tone is in part matched by pride prejudice and zombies. here an authentic victorian style coupled with violence and mayhem give the book a buffy sort of flavor where the dramatic lives of teenage girls are punctuated by banal ongoing skirmishes with the undead.

world war z however, lands more squarely in the romero tradition. by asking the question- what would happen if world war three broke out...against zombies it opens up a discussion outlining many major global conflicts of the 21st century. and then extrapolating the behavior of various government agencies upon that basis. it's really quite brilliant. and while well received i think the political depth of the book may have gone overlooked by some. READ IT.


wwz image from deviant art