with it's graphic title sequence and restrained special effects, moon is a cerebral sci-fi film in the vein of 2001: a space odyssey and solaris. the sparse minimal desaturated palette seems based in part on a desire to realize space realisticly and also perhaps to make space itself take a backseat to the drama unfolding. this stylistic reference to 2001 goes further with the introduction of the semi sentient computer named GERTY whose initial HAL-like quality evokes a very unsettling feeling. eventually this works against expectations as not only does GERTY emerge as sympathetic sort of character, but the initial existentialist tone of the film gives way to a tight character study of a man confronting the most vulnerable parts of himself.

moon is an incredibly sweet and melancholy film. it's beautiful and surprising and stays with you.



stills from moon directed by duncan jones, 2009