i practically grew up in public libraries. i had strict parents, so while all the cool kids got to hang out at the mall and drink orange juilius and buy novelty items at spencer gifts, i spent after school hours at the local branch. but- it was kind of special. one summer i read every single OG hardbound nancy drew book in the series, then out of desperation and potential boredom moved on to the hardy boys counterpart, which proved to be surprisingly entertaining despite the absence of dreamy ned nickerson.

to get back to my point though, public libraries are great, even rinky dink local ones, and full of potential adventures for a kid. i stumbled across these pics of an addition that was recently done to the cambridge public library in massachusettes. it's completely inspiring, and not the unassuming 1970s stucco varieties i grew up with. i like the way the original 1887 building has been restored and adjoined to a striking glass building. the mashup feels right, the perfect place to spend an after school noon. but are the kids still reading nancy drew these days?



library photos from william rawn associates