someone clever recently turned me on to this magazine.  it's sort of the intersection of art, photography and fashion. with a smattering of other things thrown in. the unifying factor being that everything is edgy, high end and beautifully presented. the photography is particularly well edited.  i also like the feel of the magazine. the pages are not glossy and it doesn't have that over-produced slick advertised quality. the paper is heavy textured cardstock and the print has an architecturaly inspired layout, which is nice because the tactile experience of holding it and reading it distinguishes itself from simply reading a magazine or fashion blog online.

these images are from lurve's second issue- fall/winter 2009. the magazine does not seem to be widely available yet. this issue was found in auckland's children of vision boutique. they can however, be pinged online.


photos from lurve fall/winter 2009