lil india


back in the day when i was just a kid, before the proliferation of the corner indian market in just about every suburb of socal, my mom would schlep all of us kids out to artesia boulevard in cerritoes to stock up on the myriad of fresh spices required for cooking down home pakistani food.

as kids we were pretty uncooperative. the drive was a 45 min haul, the store smelled too strongly of pungent spices and the requisite browsing that took place in jewelry shops was just too much to bear. frankly we were bored and fidgety.

but- as my mother says, how times have changed. the spices now smell amazing and jewelry is truly to die for. and to top it all off, the endless array of sweet and spicy snacks simply cannot be denied.  of course dragging my friends out to test their tolerance of spicy foods made it even more fun.

the last kimchi quesadilla

maybe not the very last. but certainly the last monthly installment of artwalk downtown la as we know it. i'm not sure when the event will return, but it's rumoured to be sometime next year most likely as a quarterly event. so i met some friends and we ended up at a parking lot near the arcade building on spring street where music, food trucks and crowds collided providing all the elements we sought in one convenient location. this band- sounds of asteroth definitely had the best moves- and hair of the night. probably the best high waisted pants too. and to top it all off i got to try a free latka potato taco from the taKosher truck.