yo ho


disneyland has always evoked a sense of nostalgia coupled with shameless delight for me. every time i visit, i remember all the past times i've gone since i was very young. the very nature of the park- building on the classic attractions of the past and offering something slightly new with each visit, seems to encourage an experience that is very much mediated not just by a singular moment, but by all previous moments spent within it.


as such, pirates of the carribean is the ultimate example of a sort of timeless shifting. an infinite loop of postmodernity that makes your head spin, as it constantly creates and reinvents itself. first based on a romanticized notion of the past and then as a celebration of a film based upon a ride based upon a representation of an idea.


as a child i came to equate all pirates with this ride. it's jovial light-hearted take on marauding seemed harmless enough. but these days even as the attraction has become over-determined by the likeness of johnny depp, there is also that other nagging image of pirates hailing from dark corners of the ocean, violently looting in a way that is not at all cute or romantic.