fantastic cutouts




aside from the whimsical humorous nature of "fantastic mr. fox", what i enjoyed most was the unique visual style of the film. it's unlike any other recent animated feature in that it has a truly handcrafted quality. you get the sense that the puppets and sets were really made by artists, giving the story an overall intimate quality, like you are watching this special world unfold whilst secretly spying into someone's dollhouse where the toys have magically come alive.

the staging of the film is also quite different. often it feels like an actual stage or a diorama. the way in which the characters move is a throwback to older styles of stop motion animation, at once fluid and emotive yet very organic, particularly in comparison to the sleek aesthetic of many cg animated films.

in this way i found myself thinking about how "fantastic mr. fox" reminded me a bit of the paper cutout films of lotte reinger. "fantastic mr. fox" is of course differently realized with its very elaborate sets, but the quality of motion, the silhouettes of characters and beautiful precious hand crafted quality feels similar.


images taken from FMF trailer and LR's film clips