i battled the westside traffic on sat night to check out the glow event. i really like the idea of transforming a space with temporary installations geared specifically towards nighttime viewing. it's not often one experiences art or the santa monica beach like this. but i have to say, i got this feeling it was a lot of hype over something that didn't exactly pay off in spades. it could be the massive congestion just getting off the freeway and then the crush of humanity walking down fourth street that made the whole effort feel exhausting. or, as a friend of mine reffered to it "tepid man."

nevertheless- there were some neet things to see. like this installation- luminous passages. constructed out of a neon wire cable system it was a passage viewers could walk through and experience the light in a subjective way. from further away, it looked like a vessel made of light floating on the beach. the lines were geometrically elegant and i really like how it both embodied and transformed the space. it was really beautiful.