rear window


one of the things i enjoy most about living in a city is looking out my window and seeing what everyone else is up to from afar. though these people are my neighbors we have all succumbed to the modern affliction of anonymity. i suspect most of us perfer it this way. they happen to live right here as i do. but to me our neighborliness is more about the comfort of proximity and distant observation.  to me there is something inherently cinematic about looking out my window and seeing all the rectangular diorama like spaces in which various events are unfolding. at night these boxes become theater, silent cinema and mystery all converging.

in my neighborhood several buildings have gone up from scratch in the time i have been here. from empty lots to looming cranes, many months in-between, and finally, lights on- i feel i have experienced the growing up of this architectural thing. and so i watch, not because i want to know what strangers get up to [though that can be fascinating, no?] but because they sprang up on my virtual lawn, and it's human nature to take a look.