color me melb



naturally every space has a color theme of it's own. some cities jump out in this regard more than others. when i first came to the southern hemisphere i was struck by the difference in the quality of light. in los angeles we have so much smog which diffuses the air and makes for spectacular sunsets. in new zealand [when it's not overcast] the light in contrast seems so stark and strong. in melbourne the weather was quite warm and the light was again different. the color palette that emerged surprised me- bright greens and soft pastels. though it was late summer, to me the feeling was distinctly spring.



i like so many things about melbourne- the art, culture, food... but one of the best things about it is the intersection of beautiful public spaces and small intimate alleyways. both seem to coexist side by side and only by walking around the city does one get a sense of the shifting scale. at one moment you are sitting in an alleyway packed with cafes. around the corner the moving image museum offers expansive views of a public park. and in between there are throngs of people. i already want to go back...


spider chronicles


of all the scary creepy things that have the ability to kill you in this world [or at least sting badly] i feel most conflicted about spiders. i think one thing that makes it hard to simply step on one or snuff it out in some other fashion even if it has made a home under your bed without invitation is that spiders appear to be quite industrious. they don't just move in and lay eggs and eat your garbage. they spin webs- which upon close inspection can be pretty spectacular. these three were found in and around alice springs, australia. i don't know whether they are poisonous, but they look pretty serious. but did not seem particularly concerned with biting me as they had better things to do. they are quite beautiful.