battlestar epcot

or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. apparently epcot was originally conceived as a future city where people would actually live. the park outlines a utopian vision where work and leisure are combined to form a perfect lifestyle. while this never happened [except in the world of start trek], i did find the concept very cool. i also like how at epcot the future is going to happen in the 70s.

miami sound machine


perhaps because my visit was so short, miami felt like a town over determined by it's tv image. everywhere i walked i felt like i had seen these buildings before. with the bumping music, hard bodies and fancy sports cars cruising down the streets, south beach had a distinct miami vice vibe. what i enjoyed most however, were all the art deco buildings and signs. the bright colors are a perfect match for the warm party like atmosphere of the city. in this regard, i feel like mimi is the perfect setting for showtime's dexter. the lighthearted artiface of the town does not easily give away what may lie beneath. it made me wonder- what's really going on inside all those pretty little yachts floating around in the bays??