"in those days, pleasure was not considered fashionable; indeed, we on the left saw it as a vaguely right-wing feeling." --bernardo bertolucci


i was turned on to this book- film: the critics choice over at FSFF. it's a beautifully designed coffee table book that also happens to be pretty high on substance. heavy hitters like david bordwell and peter wollen among other contribute with bernardo bertolucci writing a short intro that's really quite passionate and polemical. buy it used for mere pennies. 

bloody bloody andrew jackson: emo rock extravaganza

do you have a favourite president of your country? i know i do, and it's definitely not andy jackson. i'd go as far as to say he could be my most un-favourite. he was known to be a rather cantankerous, populist, manifest destiny espousing douche. before the modern self styled cowboy fakery of ronald reagan or the carefully cultivated down home folksiness of sarah palen, there was the seventh president.

and this is what makes the play  bloody bloody andrew jackson so interesting. it seems not so much a celebration of andrew jackson or even an indictment of him, but rather a thoughtful probing of the origin and underpinnings of populism in the rhetoric of american politics. that and of course the depiction of old hickory as an emo rock hero sounds pretty fun.

unfortunately BBAJ is no longer playing in la. but it has just finished up a recenet new york run so perhaps it will come back soon. read more here.