i came across this nest of seagull eggs on the rangatira side of kapiti island. a little girl found it on some rocks near the shore and immediately ran back to the tour guide pleading that someone had to help the baby bird because it wants to get out! it seemed to be going at a steady clip, no doubt it was out soon enough.

there were also loads of cheeky weka birds walking around. they are so fast and clever. one pretended to saunter by me in a disinterested manner then out of nowhere dived into my bag and grabbed a piece of foil that was somewhere in the middle of the bag and dashed off before i even knew what was happening. moral of the story: don't trust a weka.

don't look back now


recently i realized that i rarely stop to look back when walking along a trail. instead, i just charge ahead. if the signage on the trailhead says it will take two hours to complete the walk i'm mentally trying to beat the clock. so recently walking along on kapiti island i decided to pause along the way and look back. the point of view dramaticly changes. perhaps there is some larger lesson to be learned here. looking ahead is practical, but looking back can also afford some pretty nice views!