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"Bunnies. Bunnies. It must be bunnies! Or maybe midgets..."

"What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin-joint like this?"

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color me melb



naturally every space has a color theme of it's own. some cities jump out in this regard more than others. when i first came to the southern hemisphere i was struck by the difference in the quality of light. in los angeles we have so much smog which diffuses the air and makes for spectacular sunsets. in new zealand [when it's not overcast] the light in contrast seems so stark and strong. in melbourne the weather was quite warm and the light was again different. the color palette that emerged surprised me- bright greens and soft pastels. though it was late summer, to me the feeling was distinctly spring.




i like so many things about melbourne- the art, culture, food... but one of the best things about it is the intersection of beautiful public spaces and small intimate alleyways. both seem to coexist side by side and only by walking around the city does one get a sense of the shifting scale. at one moment you are sitting in an alleyway packed with cafes. around the corner the moving image museum offers expansive views of a public park. and in between there are throngs of people. i already want to go back...



once more with feeling...


these photos were taken at the same time as the ones below, except with a medium format film camera.  i'm still learning to work with the medium format. the fact that there are only ten exposures on a roll of film and the cost of developing it coupled with the non-instant gratification aspect makes the whole process feel so much more precious.  it's interesting to me to compare the results of the same photo as well. in addition to the fidelity of the image, the color temperatures are completely different [in this case owing to the fuji 100]. certainly this can be accounted for by color grading the digi version, but the coolness in the film feels much more vibrant here. i also quite like the aspect ratio of the medium format which lends itself to landscapes.



on some of the shorter walks in tongariro i took along a medium format film camera i have been learning how to use. it certainly involves a lot more effort to get results but it's pretty interesting comparing the same image to one taken with my canon digital slr [see below]. the fidelity of color and depth of detail in the darks kinda blows my digital version away. i also think the developed positives have a charming quality on their own. here i used a film stock called velvia which is known for its ultra rich color. velvia the word [and the results] remind me of a kind of processed american cheese known as velveeta. if you grew up in america in the 80s i don't need to remind you how rich, creamy [i daresay delicious] that synthetic cheese was. think there's a reason the two words sound similar!


tossed salad and


scrambled eeeeegggggs....


out west


las vegas is such a photographic iconic sort of town that it's hard not to get caught up in the moving lights, colors and carnival aspect of its landscape. but what i also enjoy about vegas is that it's also a town people live in. not far from the strip it gets real suburban and then gives way soon after to something resembling small town rural america. the banality of this combined with the stark desert surrounding everything makes for something as interesting as what lies within the city center.




apologies for the extended layover. the ride got a bit bumpy. but i've touched down again and will be returning to my regularly scheduled flight pattern. please stay tuned...


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