bloggers seem to love favorites lists. i think in general lists are popular because they are like the soundbite of the internet. i don't want to promote this need to distill information down to a top five behavior or even the practice of coveting shit i can't afford, but i do think from time to time the web offers some nuggets of neet stuff that may be worth looking at and passing on. so here's a short list.

-->this beautiful interactive diagram of the evolution of dance music:

-->twin peaks meme. there seems to be a resurgence in interest. i recently rewatched season one [netflix streaming catalogue gets better and better], and realized i was 14 years old when i first saw it! it still holds the emotional visceral impact it did when i was just a kid. in my televisual memory, twin peaks was a harbinger of sorts. it was perhaps the first in what has now become the norm for cinematic serial television. and strangely enough, it was on network television.  ALSO young kyle mclachlan- SWOON. these onset photos are great:

the soundtrack and music by julie cruise is pretty much a classic. even in remix form:

Cruise . Dorfmeister . Huber - falling (FRW Lounge Master 2011) by FRW Team

-->achtung tribute album. when i was young i desperately wanted to go see depeche mode when they toured for "violator." but i was denied on account of being 13 years old. later on i did manage to see them for "songs of faith and devotion." they were fantastic live and what's so cool is that they are STILL bringing it. lots of good covers on this tribute, but i can't stop listening to demode's "so cruel."

06-Depeche Mode So Cruel by fagnermorais

-->the pale king, david foster wallace's last unfinished novel. i am about 1/5 of the way into this. it's quite a tome and i won't bother outlining the plot. salman rushdie put this on his best book of the year list, which is like two great flavors colliding into one. the writing is incredibly modern and fascinating in style. sadly DFW died tragically. as it turns out he lived in the town just next to my own hometown. does that count as six degrees of DFW?

--> star trek: the next generation season 8 doesn't exist. but it SHOULD. someone please turn these gold pressed latinum nuggets into teleplays and send them via subspace signal to paramount.