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"Bunnies. Bunnies. It must be bunnies! Or maybe midgets..."

"What's a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated gin-joint like this?"

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"...if reality differs from person to person, can we speak of reality singular, or shouldn't we really be talking about plural realities? and if there are plural realities, are some more true (more real) than others?"  -philip k. dick

i'm not that interested in talking specifically about different kinds of cameras and why one is better than the other. but i do think the lytro is an intriguing piece of technology because it tries, in a new way, to address the disparity between the way we see things with our eyes and the way we capture them as an image.  a photographic image can be a beautiful thing that represents part of something we saw for a fraction of a moment.  what i find compelling about lytro's "living stories" as they call them, is that a single "story" seeks to represent the multiple ways an object was seen in a single moment. the multi focus and perspective shift are no doubt clumsy approximations of what our eyes are capable of.  yet the technology does indicate that there was more going on than we can capture, and by doing so it opens up our representation of reality[or realities]  just a little bit more.


round lake ferry

a few last shots from lake ferry a couple months back. now that the weather has a distinct chill to it and the days feel so much shorter,  i would welcome back this year's summer imposter.  i have no doubt today's wildly vacillating wind, rain and sun will be a fond memory two months from now...


double back


getting out of town for a day trip is always a welcome reprieve.  i also find myself looking forward to the trip back. an end of the day drive back into wellington is often filled with beautiful moody sunsets, backlighting and dramatic clouds...


once more with feeling...


these photos were taken at the same time as the ones below, except with a medium format film camera.  i'm still learning to work with the medium format. the fact that there are only ten exposures on a roll of film and the cost of developing it coupled with the non-instant gratification aspect makes the whole process feel so much more precious.  it's interesting to me to compare the results of the same photo as well. in addition to the fidelity of the image, the color temperatures are completely different [in this case owing to the fuji 100]. certainly this can be accounted for by color grading the digi version, but the coolness in the film feels much more vibrant here. i also quite like the aspect ratio of the medium format which lends itself to landscapes.


a tree is a tree...


rip 50d


these photos were not taken with my 50d. sadly, it's pretty much dead. i don't really like to jizz over equipment, but i had a moment of silence for it as it was my trusty first dslr and it served me well under some pretty harsh conditions.  i have resurrected an old used 5d and am using that now. it's rather...eye opening. the uncropped sensor is a bit of a revelation for landscapes. and who knows, the extra weight may help me tone my guns in the long term. onwards then...




portraits are often interesting for what they reveal about their subject. alternatively, they can also preserve a sense of mystery. i like the idea of a subversive portrait that hardly tells you anything at all!


good evening


summer days

we're already on the other side of summer here in the southern hemisphere. it's been a pretty dodgy one, with more wind and rain than heat and sun. plus, it's always a bit sad when the days start to feel noticeably shorter. but for now let's focus on the good times...


at this time

because i too am a sucker for a sunset photo.