spider chronicles


of all the scary creepy things that have the ability to kill you in this world [or at least sting badly] i feel most conflicted about spiders. i think one thing that makes it hard to simply step on one or snuff it out in some other fashion even if it has made a home under your bed without invitation is that spiders appear to be quite industrious. they don't just move in and lay eggs and eat your garbage. they spin webs- which upon close inspection can be pretty spectacular. these three were found in and around alice springs, australia. i don't know whether they are poisonous, but they look pretty serious. but did not seem particularly concerned with biting me as they had better things to do. they are quite beautiful.

into the night


while it's true that there are all manner of unusual and frightening creatures that dwell in the australian outback, it's also probably the case that they are more afraid of us than vice versa. i was quite concerned about encountering  spiders and crocodiles and yet ultimately, equally disappointed to not run across a single one!

so, off to the territory wildlife park where all the fantastic, creepy, dark  and dangerous specimens dwell.  it's impossible to see them all at once, if ever in the wild. it really is a must-see.

on an unrelated note, this owl in particular reminded me of a recurring image from david lynch's twin peaks. in the show it was a sort of abstract motif for mystery and an unknown darkness unfolding in a small town. when i saw it i remembered this song: