hot night roll

to be fair, these photos have nothing to do with sushi.  nevertheless, they reminded me of what a hot night it was, temperature wise when i took them in rawai.  and then, via word association, that got me thinking about one of my favorite sushi spots in studio city, california.  this place not only had [has?] a delicious sushi roll named "hot night" but they went further and created a "hot night 2" the sequel. even years after i stopped lunching at sushi dan, the sushi, the lunch crowd, the city, all remain memorable. hot night roll- i salute you.

behind curtain number one


just before descending down to kata beach from the nai harn side of phuket, at the top of the hill lie a cluster of restaurants with expansive views.  the kind of place people go to watch the sunset while feeling comfortably unchallenged by the menu.  mainly tourists, with a robust subset of rowdy bare chested russian men. [incidentally, this robust subset of rowdy bare chested russian men can be found zooming around on mopeds just about anywhere in phuket, one needn't travel to the top of a hill.]

it is quite a postcard view from the top of the hill. i may save it for a different more idyllic post. but when i went downstairs to find the restroom, i discovered around the corner a verandah doing double duty as the wine cellar and laundromat.  the scaffolding appearing as a series of boxes framing the view in an unexpected but nicely fragmented way. not sure if there is a moral to this story, except perhaps sometimes tis better to descend than ascend.